Three Cheers for Working Moms

This video is my gift to working moms, inspired by a day when this working mom (yes, that’s me) needed a break and figured other moms did too.  Tired of the backhanded comments about how I was paying other people to raise my children while I went to work, or how another mother was so dedicated because she stayed at home, I thought to myself that it’s time working moms got their props, too.  What a fabulous group of women we are; let’s not just admit it, but shout it from our desktops!

I knew this video would become something really special when the video designer, Jerry Retford, reached out to me and volunteered his time and talents to help me bring it to life.  He said he wanted to do it as a tribute to his own working mom. Isn’t that fabulous?!  Then he inspired Leeran Raphaely, the composer, and all the beautiful voices you hear on the video to jump on board as well.  When you’re doing something right, good, and positive, it really is infectious.

To all those who worked on this video, I thank you.  And to all the hard working mamas out there – this is your pat on the back!  This is your cheering section!  This is to tell you that I, and all the other moms like you and I, are standing in your corner.  I applaud you, honor you, and am constantly amazed at what you achieve, every single day.

What are some of the things you love about being a working mom?  Please share your comments here!

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  1. Phaedra, with your book, blog and now this video, you have already left this world better than you found it for working moms! And I get the strong feeling you’ve only just begun. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Joelyn Medina-Lopez says:

    Thank you for this wonderful gift! You are truly inspiring and a blessing to us!

  3. Fiona McInally says:


    Wow! I will come back to this again…and again..! Thank you for honoring working Moms everywhere: for honoring the choices we as working mothers have made for us and for our families. May we all continue to honor all mothers for whatever choices they make for what is best for their families and for the next generation of mothers.

  4. Great video Phaedra!

    What I love about being a WAHM and mompreneur is that I can teach my daughter that whatever dreams you have in life, no matter how big or small, you can achieve it with hard work, persistence and integrity.

  5. Deidra Ryan says:

    It truly is all about choices that are right for ourselves and our families!

    We are so lucky to live in this day and age to be able to make the choice to work or stay at home or do both on a part-time basis!

    This video is fabulous and I hope that no mom ever allows anyone make her feel guilty for her choices (whatever they may be) again!

  6. Hi Phaedra!
    I love the video! I love being a working mom because I love to be a positive influence on both my daughters and other women who are trying to do it all! When we come together to support each other we make each other stronger.

    Thanks for creating this video!

  7. Tonja Eaton says:

    Phaedra – THANK YOU for honoring working mothers with this inspiring video. We are all making choices that our good for our families and ourselves, all of which are “right” for us. I love seeing women support one another this way and appreciate you sending out this positive message.

  8. Sharon says:

    Great inspirational video. Thanks for all you do to help working moms.