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Digital Camera Fun

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So I’m on this business trip and really do dislike dining alone (note to self: make an effort to be more hospitable when my foreign colleagues come to visit!).  Tonight, I entertained myself by checking out the photos on my digital camera that never, ever, get downloaded.  What a blast.  I laughed outloud throughout the whole dinner, enjoyed my meal, and got back to the hotel quite happy.  What was so funny was the photos my daughter had taken, mostly of her stuffed animals and plastic animal figures all around the house.  I had no idea she had spent so much time with my camera!  The shots were artistically arranged by her 7 yr old hands and oh, so cute!  No one else would have laughed as hard as me, but I really got an unexpected kick out of it.  A great way to feel connected to my loved ones at home instead of moping around and missing them!

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My Singapore “Vacation”

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There is a silver lining to business trips, even those you don’t want to go on – especially for working moms.  Having just arrived in Singapore, I’ve been working on switching my mindset from “I really wish I was home” to “how do I enjoy every moment of this trip”.  Here’s how my “vacation” is going so far:

The flight was very long, but with absolutely no hiccups.  Thank you, Bose headphones and aisle seats!

The hotel is stunning.  My view is spectacular and the service is optimal.  The room service person today saw that I have a cold and came back, completely on her own accord, with a tea service for me.  Now, if I could only figure out how to drink it!  I’ve made a real mess of it, I must admit.  There was loose tea in the tea pot, and another tea pot with hot water, and a strainer do-hickey.  So I put the hot water in the teapot with the loose tea, then tried to pour that mixture through the strainer and into my tea cup.  Apparently, that’s not how it’s done!  Instead, the loose tea blocked up the tea pot’s spout and I got water all over the place. 

Enjoyed a lunch of mushroom soup and a salad full of veggies, did a little yoga ( is a great resource!) and am now I’m off to the Singapore zoo.  Not bad for a first day.  Tomorrow, the meetings begin.


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Savvy Site for Savvy Travelers

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I want to make sure all my readers are aware of an excellent site for women travelers,  As a result of my children’s book, My Mommy’s on a Business Trip, I often speak to women about the hidden silver linings of business travel, like a good night’s sleep, time for self, time to catch up with old friends, reading a book, etc.  Instead of sitting around the hotel worried about what’s going on at home or at the office, I strongly recommend everyone take this time and make it really work for YOU.  You’ll come back more rejuevenated and refreshed vs. even more stressed and tired than when you left!  On the site is a great article on how to give yourself a facial with simple items you’ll find in the hotel – what a great idea! 

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Is a working vacation really worth it?

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So I’m mobile.  I’m global.  I’m virtual, to say the least.  I can work from anywhere, at anytime.  Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?  It definitely has it’s pros and cons.  While being virtual has allowed me and my family to take some fabulous vacactions this year and spend extended time with family in other states, I must say that gone is the refreshed feeling from a proper vacation.  Always having the laptop and checking emails leaves a heavy cloak around my shoulders, even if I’m wearing my bikini and laying on the beach. 

It wasn’t any different when I worked at a Fortune 50 company and felt compelled to constantly check-in.  Actually, it’s worse.  Now it’s more self-imposed than ever, without the voice inside me telling me to stop working so hard for “the man”.  Now, I’m the man (so to speak)!  If it’s my business, and my lack of paycheck (for the moment) that’s in question, of course I’m going to concentrate on it, no matter where I am or who I’m with.  BUT….  the engine needs to be cooled every once in awhile or creativity and productivity will suffer.  How do the self-employed avoid burnout, especially during start-up mode?

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For me, it’s the pajamas.  Ugh!  What about you?

Angela Ploetz, professional organizer and owner of PoshSpace, will be speaking to members of the DolceVita Woman Forum on how to pack for a trip and arrive with your suit, heels, workout wear and everything else you need – wrinkle-free and with just one carry-on bag.  A dream come true, even for the most seasoned traveler!

Post your questions for Angela here and we’ll be sure to incorporate them into the discussion.  All commentors will get complimentary access to the call.  Don’t forget to tell us what you typically forget!

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Below is our Mom Story of the Week, from reader and recent winner of my children’s book, My Mommy’s on a Business Trip, Christie Arseneau.  The Story of the Week is becoming a regular feature on this blog, with Christie and other mom’s tales of heartache AND triumph as they balance work and personal lives, on the road and even at home.  What’s your story?

From Christie:
So, the story of the week is the heart-melting good-bye wave.  My daughter, 13 months old today, will on and off wave good bye to people.  She’s gotten in the habit of waving bye-bye when she goes to bed, but won’t wave bye-bye to perfect strangers (probably a good thing that I shouldn’t encourage, but it is just so darn cute!).  Whenever she waves, it’s usually on cue with the suggested “wave bye-bye, baby!”. 


www.dunlapportrait.comThis past Sunday morning, I was leaving on a business trip from Houston to Muskegon, MI.  The baby and my husband were packed in the car and dropped me off at the airport (side note – if time allows for it, this is a great strategy for a working mom.  You get more face time in with the spouse and you get to see the baby until the last moment when TSA kicks the parked car out of the Departure unloading zone!).  As we pulled up to Departures, the baby was sound asleep in the backseat.  Of course, I wasn’t going to ignore the sleeping baby and not kiss her good-bye, so I gently opened the backdoor and leaned down to give my little angel a kiss.  Just as I was leaning over her, she opened those beautiful big brown eyes and smiled.  Up came her little hands and she wave “bye-bye”.   I kissed her, wiped away my tears, kissed her again and closed the door.  As the car was driving off, I could see the little hand waving from the back seat….  This was the first time she’d ever waved bye-bye to me on a business trip.  My heart melted in a giant puddle right then and there. 


When I get back on Friday night, I will see her again – I would’ve seen her sooner in our normal round of Peek-a-boo Skype, but the home web cam was acting up.  I’m sure that she’ll be there, just after security looking through the crowds for mommy.  She’ll smile at some strangers, and bury her head acting all shy to other strangers.  But the biggest smile and cutest wave will come only to me….!  Till Friday night, I’ll have visions of “bye-bye” for now.