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Mommy Wars = Energy Gone Wrong

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I read an interesting article, and slew of comments today, on (great site, BTW) regarding Dr. Laura’s new book, In Praise of Stay at Home Moms.  At first, I felt all riled up.  Another attack on Working Moms!!  Can’t people leave these wonderful women in peace?!?!?!  Then I viewed the Today Show interview where Dr. Laura talks about the book and read her book excerpt.  Did that change my mind?  No.  But I did start to noticed how tired I felt.  How it was hard to keep my attention from wandering.  That’s when I realized that generating a huge outrage against Dr. Laura does nothing more than sell more copies of her book (and frankly, I’d rather just sell more copies of mine!).  Further, if there was any piece of advice working moms could take away from Dr. Laura’s book – I haven’t read it, so I don’t know – they won’t.  They won’t even buy the book, just like I don’t plan to buy it. 

My biggest rule of thumb is that it’s senseless to talk if no one is listening.  So shhhhh…… let’s just enjoy the silence for a moment, and then go back to our busy days wherever they are – at home or at the office.

If you are a working mom, with any age kid at home, a subscription to Working Mother magazine is definitely worth your time and money.  It’s not like many of the parenting magazines that we’re through with by the time we’re done with maternity leave.  It grows with you and is multifaceted.  I’ll be recommending other magazines and links in this blog on a regular basis as well. 

At DolceVita Woman, I am so happy to announce that my book, My Mommy’s on a Business Trip, was chosen as Working Mother’s Top Pick for Children’s Books in this Feb/March issue.  And no, the plug above isn’t because of the review – I really do find the magazine helpful!  What are your favorite sites or magazines?  Which ones keep you sane, offer relevant tips, and don’t talk to you like your biggest passion in life is staying up until 2 am making cupcakes for the school party?  Any submissions will be aggregated and posted here.  Let’s share the wealth and help promote those who serve us!