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Taming the To-do List

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I went away for a week-long business trip in mid-October and stand here today scratching my head at how I can still behind in work and life!  Typically, business trips don’t wreak quite so much havoc!  Since being back, I haven’t worked out, haven’t made the myriad of appointments I need to, not to mention the other items on the never-ending list.  Hmmm, what’s going on?

I love the popular idea of blocking time for different activities, and keeping that time sacred, but I don’t think it’s realistic for most of us in corporate America.  Do you?  Even for those of us at the highest levels, with an admin standing guard over the calendar, there are still the unexpected meetings, revised deadlines, and new projects popping up every day. 

So today I’ve been shifting my priorities around, and also blocked off a nice chunk of time to focus on the items that never seem to come off the list, even though they must get done.  These are the things that are important, but not urgent.  The things that actually need and deserve more attention, but are only dependant on me.  They are not things that, if not done, would disappoint a manager, spouse, a child, or whoever.  Just me.  So, today is a good day.  I’m regaining control over what I choose to tackle and by doing so, finishing the tasks that have been weighing on the back of my mind.  By clearing that space, I’m feeling happier and more energetic to finish the rest of the list, and just get present to what’s really going on around me.

I know I’m not alone in this situation.  What are your best time management techniques?  How do you manage the never-ending to-do list?

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