My Singapore “Vacation”

By · Oct 10

There is a silver lining to business trips, even those you don’t want to go on – especially for working moms.  Having just arrived in Singapore, I’ve been working on switching my mindset from “I really wish I was home” to “how do I enjoy every moment of this trip”.  Here’s how my “vacation” is going so far:

The flight was very long, but with absolutely no hiccups.  Thank you, Bose headphones and aisle seats!

The hotel is stunning.  My view is spectacular and the service is optimal.  The room service person today saw that I have a cold and came back, completely on her own accord, with a tea service for me.  Now, if I could only figure out how to drink it!  I’ve made a real mess of it, I must admit.  There was loose tea in the tea pot, and another tea pot with hot water, and a strainer do-hickey.  So I put the hot water in the teapot with the loose tea, then tried to pour that mixture through the strainer and into my tea cup.  Apparently, that’s not how it’s done!  Instead, the loose tea blocked up the tea pot’s spout and I got water all over the place. 

Enjoyed a lunch of mushroom soup and a salad full of veggies, did a little yoga ( is a great resource!) and am now I’m off to the Singapore zoo.  Not bad for a first day.  Tomorrow, the meetings begin.


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