Digital Camera Fun

By · Oct 11

So I’m on this business trip and really do dislike dining alone (note to self: make an effort to be more hospitable when my foreign colleagues come to visit!).  Tonight, I entertained myself by checking out the photos on my digital camera that never, ever, get downloaded.  What a blast.  I laughed outloud throughout the whole dinner, enjoyed my meal, and got back to the hotel quite happy.  What was so funny was the photos my daughter had taken, mostly of her stuffed animals and plastic animal figures all around the house.  I had no idea she had spent so much time with my camera!  The shots were artistically arranged by her 7 yr old hands and oh, so cute!  No one else would have laughed as hard as me, but I really got an unexpected kick out of it.  A great way to feel connected to my loved ones at home instead of moping around and missing them!

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