Team Hoyt – A true story, and inspiration, of parental love

By · Sep 26

Yesterday I had a chance to tell my 7 yr old the story of Dick and Rick Hoyt, the amazing Father/Son team that has been running Boston Marathon’s, among other races, for years.  It’s a story that has always grabbed my attention and my heart.  What I found, though, is that I got so choked up trying to tell my daughter the story that I couldn’t continue!  Of course, all it went straight over her head and she just wrote it off as “mom being weird”.  She sees this kind of emotion from me whenever a movie, or even a commercial, really hits at the core of what’s important to me.  And believe me, there’s nothing more important to me than my kids.  That’s why I am full of awe and admiration when it comes to the Hoyts.  Would I do the same, if our situations were reversed? I would like to think to so.  I hope so.  But one can never know until faced with the same daunting challenges. 

What about you?   Are there other families, like the Hoyts, who you admire and can share their stories here?  Or, more simply, do you find yourself amazed at how a movie, book, or even sappy commercial can sometimes move you to tears?


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