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May The Fourth and Rabid Fans

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I heard on NPR today that the second highest search on Google in early May was the date, May 4th.  Why?  Because of Star Wars fans, of course!  Don’t get it?  Neither did I, until they explained it.  Then, my marketer’s heart started to pound with excitement!

We all know the phrase, “May the Force be with you”.  Star Wars fans, the RABID FANS – you know, the ones who attend conferences, know every story line, and perhaps have a costume or two around the house, celebrate May the 4th as an unofficial Star Wars holiday.  Why?  So they can say, “May the Fourth be with you.”  Is that fantastic or what?!  Imagine a group of people identifying with your brand/product so powerfully.  It’s stunning.  It’s what so many companies strive for, yet most fail miserably.  There are very few brands that have reach that kind of stature and we should recognized for them this supreme achievement.  I can only hope my own book, My Mommy’s on a Business Trip, gets that kind of following among working moms one day!  Conventions, online groups, meet up groups, etc. – all celebrating the struggles and triumphs of the working mom.  Hmmm… stay tuned… we certainly are a force, aren’t we? 

If you had to pick a brand you absolutely love, what would it be?  Why is it one of your favorites?  I’d have to say that mine is Costco.  My experience there is always consistent, I’m never disappointed with the products, and if I end up there at the right time, I always leave with my belly full!

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Help your man stay out of the doghouse

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When I came across this “in the doghouse” video from JC Penny on Mary Dean’s great blog I laughed my head off (Mary is the CEO of KickSkirt, an agency that helps companies market to women – the right way).  As marketer, I was also duly impressed my how well it was produced an the creative concept.  Wives and girlfriends everywhere are going to love this one!  Hats off to JC Penny for having a management team with minds open enough to give this a try.

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The Power of Nothing

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Awhile back I received a stunning invitation – attend a weekend retreat for mothers, for absolutely free.  The idea was wonderful and the price was unbeatable!  Was there a catch? No.  Really.  I mean it.  The wonderful woman who created the idea, Elaine St. Marie, and the women who helped her pull it off, especially Marianne MacKenzie, simply did it because they felt it was the right thing to do.

So as they set to work, they found a retreat center willing to donate the space.  They did the food shopping, AND the cooking and cleaning.  The mothers invited to the retreat couldn’t help themselves and the very first night asked how they could help contribute – either with money or labor.  Everyone was so grateful for this peaceful, loving space that was created that they just couldn’t help but want to help. 

At the end, the costs were covered, even though the organizers had planned to pay for any remaining expenses out of their own pockets.  More importantly, each mother went home relaxed and rejuvenated, a bit more in touch with her “inner Goddess”.  In a time of such scarcity and constant talk of recession and job loss, it was truly amazing to see what bounty we have when a community comes together and shares from the heart.  Thank you, Elaine, Marianne, and all the other retreat volunteers for a weekend I will always remember!

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The following is from guest blogger, Angela Ploetz, organizer extraordinairre and owner of the her firm, The Posh Space – Productive Office, Stylish Home.  Any tips that can save me from making multiple trips to the grocery store in one week and I’m all ears (eyes!).  Thanks, Angela!

Meal Planning Makes Life Simple

Monday marks the start of a new week and with it comes the infamous question “what’s for dinner tonight”?  Planning dinner on the spot can be stressful and can result in a lot of time back and forth to the grocery store.  So what can you do to save time, sanity, and keep from making so many unnecessary trips?


Start by creating a list of all the meals that you know how to prepare or prepare on a regular basis.  Having a go to list of everything that you know how to cook is a great way to spark your memory when you have no idea what to make.  A good place to start is to divide the list into categories like:  chicken, beef, turkey, fish, vegetarian, and side dishes.


Keep the list in the kitchen in a handy location.  On Saturday or Sunday before you do your weekly shopping go through the list and decide what you will have for each day that week.  Write it down so you don’t forget.  Trust me; I’ve made that mistake before!  Then make your shopping list checking the recipes so you don’t miss any ingredients and you’re off to the store!


Just remember there may be some ingredients that will not hold until the end of the week so you may have to make a list of items to purchase later in the week. 


Already knowing what to make for dinner each night can help reduce your stress at dinner time and help make your night run smoothly.  I’m getting more relaxed just thinking about it!