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I love being a woman for many reasons, but one of the highest on the list is because of the way women are so open to sharing information.  I rarely come across a woman, in business or my personal life, that holds her cards close to her chest to maintain a competitive advantage.  On the contrary, I find the women who give their knowledge, contacts, and recommendations freely are typically the most successful women I know.

Today, I’d like to start hearing from our Road Warrior sisters and the challenges they’ve faced in trying to balance a career that requires travel with kids at home.   What was one of your most heartbreaking moments?  How did you get through it?  Is there something you now do, either before you leave or while you’re away, to keep connected with the family?

On December 19th, I will select one of the most dramatic stories posted here and give the woman who wrote it a free copy of my children’s book, My Mommy’s on a Business Trip (you can read more about the book at  I will also compile the tips and post them to my website,  You don’t have to be an official Road Warrior to submit a story.  Often, it’s the kids whose parents don’t travel much that are most effected by the occasional trip or two.

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