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What are the Obamas up to today?

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All day yesterday (Nov. 5th), I couldn’t stop thinking about the Obama family and how they must be feeling.  What would it be like to savor victory after a two-year, hard won battle?  What is it like as a father to be able to show your daughters that success is truly within their reach if they set their minds on what they want and go for it.  How thrilling must it be to know that they will be the first African American family in the White House. 

While I’ve had plenty of successes in my life, for which I am truly grateful, I still can’t grasp what it must feel like to achieve something of that scale.  I imagined the Obamas relaxing in their living room the morning after.  Personally, I would have headed right for the spa.  But then, I wondered, can they do that?  Would it be considered elitist to spend the day at the spa, knowing it’s a luxury out of reach for many Americans? 

Politics aside, I think all of us can appreciate and congratulate the Obamas as a family, knowing that ALL of them incurred sacrifices during the last two years.  I hope one day my own family will feel the satisfaction of achieving what may have seemed like an unobtainable goal.  Fortunately, I think my little family of four and I are on the brink of achieving something, though on a much smaller scale than the presidency, that no one else in our family has been able to do.  Perhaps that is why my thoughts are on the Obamas now.  Will I, too, soon be savoring victory in my living room? 

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